In building Villa Biru, we have included many elements to ensure a worry free and uninterrupted stay.

We have installed a state of the art 65KVA automatic power station and our own permanent desalinated water source, which delivers UV sterilized drinking water at all household water points.

Media Room

The air conditioned media room features a lounge, 52 inch plasma television with a 46 channel satellite connection, DVD player with a movie library and a selection of books.

We have a laptop computer, which is ready to connect you to the internet. WIFI is available for multiple users.

The villa has a Bose soundock so be sure to bring your own iPod music.

Our Precious Drinking Water

The island does not have a water supply!

All Villas have their own water supply. Their tap water in nearly all cases comes from underground bores.  These bores share the same underground water to which all villa overflowing septic sewerage systems, eventually flow.


This precious product is produced from crystal seawater passed through our reverse osmosis system and stored in 30,000 litre Ozone/UV irradiating tanks and is fed under pressure to all water points including the kitchen, showers and toilets, swimming pool and gardens.  It is of the same quality as most bottled water and monitored daily by our on site engineer.

Staff and most guests drink from the taps. Bottled water is supplied if you require it.

We ask you to be aware of its value and importance in a remote location such as Nusa Lembongan. We make 1,100 litres per hour.  To our knowledge, only 3 other villas on the island have this type of equipment.. It is incredibly expensive to install, operate and maintain.   Virtually all Lembongan villas have water provided from bores into the island ground water which hosts many surrounding overflowing septic tanks and in many cases you will be showering washing cooking and swimming in water of dubious quality and potential health issues such as gastro.

Ask our staff to have our engineer show you the equipment we operate to manufacture superb high quality safe drinking water 24/7.  Please ask us to show you pictures of our world class water production plant.

We suggest if you are checking other places to stay, ask them to verify a continuous supply of water similar to top quality bottled water for all uses. Just them saying “yes we do” is not good enough, you will need to satisfy yourself. Ask, can we drink the Villa water. That is a true test!  Some will say ” we have desalination equipment” but nearly all are not functioning due to maintenance issues inexperienced operators and cheap installations usually Chinese manufacture. All our equipment is new top of the range Caterpillar from Australia.

Even fair quality water for commercial laundries is scarce and we ask you to bear this in mind when using towels, particularly pool towels. If you require new towels every day just leave them on the floor of the bathroom each morning and the staff will renew. If you are happy to stretch the use age another day, it would be appreciated.

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